Have You Ever Tweeted About Your Doctor?
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Why patients need to SPEAK UP !

Thanks to the internet, it’s become increasingly easier for patients to find answers to their health-related questions online. Learn to use the internet intelligently, so this will help you ask smarter questions – and will also save your doctor time, because your routine questions have already been answered !


Don’t worry if you do not understand everything on the first reading or in the first sitting. It takes time to absorb this information, and analyse it. The good news is that there are lots of reliable websites to help you with Information Therapy. Even better, there are now many expert patients online, who can help you make sense of what is happening to you


A lot of patients are scared to ask their doctors questions. They are worried that the doctor is too busy to answer them, and they don’t want to waste his precious time. They are also secretly worried that the doctor may take offense at their questions, because he may think that they are questioning his judgment, and this may cause him to get upset and provide poor medical care.

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