Study: Tweet chats motivate patients with breast cancer

The Urology Tag Ontology Project

Urologists have been on the forefront of harnessing Social Media for professional use. Urological Organizations and Journals have used Social Media to lower barriers for information dissemination [1,2] [3] [4]. Meanwhile, Social Media engagement at Urological meetings has been used to augment the experience of attendees and allow remote “attendance” for those not able to physically be present at the meetings [5,6]. Academic exchange through a formal Twitter-based Journal Club on the #urojc hashtag has enjoyed international participation [7]. Social Media has also been employed to assess the Media’s and the Public’s responses to news events in the Urologic clinical space [8], and guidelines for responsible and effective Social Media use now have been developed [9] [10]. Moreover, an extremely active patient advocacy voice has been growing louder on a number of the Social Media channels.

The Urology Tag Ontology Project aims to align hashtag use for this burgeoning Urological Social Media community. Utilizing this standardized list of Social Media communication descriptors, the project hopes to facilitate communication and promote collaboration in the healthcare provider and patient communities.