Is this now evidence of the relationship between staff expereince and patient experience
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Stop designing studies around outcomes that don’t matter to patients

Eve Harris writes:


‘Researchers should stop designing inquiries around outcomes that don’t matter to patients. We reviewed some studies that seemed better suited for mice but were nonetheless conducted in humans.


Overall, though, it appears that patient perspectives and values are increasingly part of research design. The Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) is funding exciting new studies. In a recent article, PCORI explains “Why Methods Matter.”


The healthcare delivery systems of today differ markedly from those of the past, and the way care is delivered can have a profound impact on outcomes. These factors combine to make it difficult, but critical, for patients and their care providers to understand and use the research information most relevant to the health decisions they make.


Providers and patients are making progress in defining and trying out new ways of communicating about clinical decisions. Achieving the best outcomes via this newer, more participatory practice of medicine requires attention not only to the evidence provided by high quality studies but also clinical judgment and respect for the bottom line: patient values.’

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