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Let’s tweet over : Silja Chouquet – DE-scribe Medecines



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First time I met Silja Chouquet was in Barcelona 3 years ago at EYEFORPHARMA.

It was great meeting one of the co-founder of the #hcsmeu community known as @whydotpharma on twitter.

Since then, we meet from time to time and exchange on many topics and projects

A few days ago we met in Vienna… and in January we were in London for SMI Social Media for Pharma conference.

On this occasion I made an interview with Silja I finally post today …


Moreover I invite you to watch this amazing TedX Silja hold in May 2015 in Basel, Switzerland.

« If we could develop something to get people to take the medicine we prescribe them, it would have a greater benefit to society than any new drug we could develop. »


Silja Chouquet explores why we don’t take our medication and what we should do about it…a must watch !

Well done Silja !


Digitally yours

Lionel Reichardt – Pharmageek