The Method Behind the Magic: How Trackers Work
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Know thyself—the new mantra for lifeloggers – TOI

A life log — or a daily diary — is nothing new but technology has taken the idea and sucked all approximation out of it. It has made it exact: life as a pie chart or a bar graph. How many steps did you walk today? How much time did you spend in transit this month? Did you play enough sport this week? What was your heart rate at 9 am today? What was your temperature? All these questions are being answered by numerous devices strapped on various body parts — from bio-sensing t-shirts and posturecorrecting straps to heart rate monitors and pulse-measuring watches. Taking lifelogging to a new extreme are tiny cameras that automatically take a photo of your existence every few seconds of the day.

« So, do you remember what you were doing this day last year? » asks Vishal Gondal, entrepreneur and angel investor who swears by his devices. « I do because I check in everywhere I go. I can just go to Facebook to see what I was doing. I have over 2,000 food photographs. I can tell you exactly where I was, who I was with, what I ate, how long it took me to get there and every detail of the rest of my day. »



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