Health Data Interoperability Requires Patience, Persistence
A political economy of Twitter data? Conducting research with proprietary data is neither easy nor free.

How To Curate Good Content That Makes Your Brand Look Good In Social Media

There is good content all around the web First off, let’s clarify what good content means. From a marketing perspective good content for curation is:

  • Was written by an influencer or a field expert
  • Its information is very useful and few people know about it
  • Has an appealing title with the right keywords
  • Comes from a well-known and popular source
  • Has a good content structure and is easy to read
  • Is likely to be shared. This could mean that talks about a viral topic, has simple and fun images, a typical list post, etc…

Now, that we all know what good content means, we can agree that there is a lot of good content out there that may never be discovered. None of us have the time to search for this content and much less time to filter the interesting parts.


Your content strategy shouldn’t be all about content but also about making connections. Either with your audience and with influencers.

You need to know who’s the voice or voices (let’s hope that they aren’t competitors) behind that viral hashtags or post and create a meaning and beneficial relationship.