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Research Finds Health Care Content Marketing Lags Two Years Behind

Bridging the divide – between pharma and payers

Bridging the divide

How can pharma engage with payers who are less digitally savvy than their clinical counterparts and are more than a little sceptical about information and where it comes from?


Digitally enabled solutions have and continue to transform the way that healthcare is monitored and delivered, leading to better patient outcomes and efficiencies in the delivery of healthcare.


Digital has transformed the way the pharma industry engages and communicates with some of its key customers. From disease awareness websites, to discussion forums, to self-detailing, the industry is increasingly incorporating digital platforms as a critical component in the commercialisation of a medicine.

However, when it comes to payers, it seems that one of the industry’s most important customers has been largely excluded from this ‘digital evolution’. While the industry is always being told how much time key customers are spending online, and educated about their digital behaviours, there is little to inform payer digital communication programmes….


Just how do health care payers use digital?


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