La santé mobile va bouleverser la prise en charge des maladies chroniques
The Guide to the Future of Medicine: 40 Trends Shaping the Future

Your Phone is Talking Behind Your Back — to Your Doctor

Your phone knows everything about you—how much you walk, talk and what level of Candy Crush you’re stuck on—but soon it could be spilling secrets to your doctor.


More and more physicians are prescribing apps that help track their patients’ illnesses through information collected by their smartphones.


“[The trend] just seems to be exploding,” said Seth S. Martin, a Pollin cardiovascular prevention fellow at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. “With the widespread use now of smartphones, it’s a really exciting opportunity to help people live healthier lives.”


Apps like and those developed by the Center for Behavioral Intervention Technologies (CBITs) at Northwestern University collect data through smartphones and web activity and relay that information to healthcare providers—without the patient needing to lift a finger. This, they argue, enriches the healthcare process by integrating technology and primary care.

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