Les Français réconciliés avec les médicaments en 2015 ?
Santé : la vidéo, média par excellence ? – Buzz-esanté

Your Mental Health Could Use a Personal Trainer, Too

I WOKE UP with a vague sense of dread on Sunday. I’d been on vacation for two weeks, my life totally, blissfully on pause. But I was back, and felt … well, I’m not exactly sure. Anxious? Overwhelmed? Maybe I was just hungry.Normally I would push those feelings aside and go about my day. Classic repression. But I’d recently been given Moodnotes, an app that asks you to record your emotions using the simplest of interfaces: A digital face. And so I gave, let’s call him Mr. Face, the deepest of frowns. The background turned slate grey to match my mood, and I clicked save.“What’s happening at the moment?” the app asked like a worried friend. I typed that I had just returned from vacation and was feeling uncertain about the week ahead. It prompted me to select my feelings (anxious, bored, guilty), then asked if I was falling into a “thinking trap,” therapist parlance for a knee-jerk way of reacting to certain situations.

Source: www.wired.com