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Will Digital Healthcare Technology Kill The Independent Physician?

Modern healthcare is at a tipping point. The use of technology in our health sector, backed up by incentives to implement digital solutions, is increasing rapidly—driven not only by a need to 
improve efficiency and outcomes—but also to reduce costs. Pressure is mounting on physicians and medical facilities to join the digital revolution. Just like in other industries, this new breed of healthcare provider and IT expert are working with cloud storage capabilities, wireless functionalities, and mobile phone technologies. Patients and doctors are also embracing wearable tech, remote patient/doctor interaction, even mobile treatment and the prescribing of medication.

At the same time, they’re trying to determine how to best connect, collect, and care for all of this data and relying on their IT teams and/or managed service providers (or both) to deliver the solutions they need.. As you might imagine, this is very private, extremely personal, very sensitive data being digitally collected and kept. Arguably, security and compliance have to be one of the top priorities in digital health. Personally, I think these advances in medical tech are incredible, but what becomes clear, as with any other industry, is that all of these advancements, along with the astounding amount of patient and potential medical research data collected, is meaningless if it can’t be adequately protected.

Source: www.digitalistmag.com