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Telemedicine Study Aims to Help Children with Asthma

Why the iPad Matters for Healthcare Industry

edical device and pharma companies extol the importance of their sales forces. They provide face time with customers that help drive product sales. On many occasions, marketing and sales representatives literally have only seconds to pitch their product to a busy doctor. Many medical device industry leaders I have spoken to throughout the years have joked about the literal nature of the proverbial « elevator » pitch. The iPad allows for innovative and engaging ways for reps to communicate product information to doctors, without having to worry about long boot times and wasted precious interaction moments. A representative of Novartis states: « … IPad use will save sales teams 250 hours a year allowing for 35,000 more customer visits. » According to the Manhattan Research Group’s research on the advantages of iPad aided interactions with doctors and its relation to increased sales2: « … Among ePharma Physicians interacting with an iPad Rep, 35 percent say they are more likely to request a sample and 29 percent say they are more likely to consider prescribing the drug.

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