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Why mHealth?

mHealth is not a separate industry, but rather it’s the future of a healthcare industry that’s evolving to care for patients differently, putting them first to deliver services better, faster and less expensively.


Three major trends already happening in healthcare lend themselves to the revolution in mobile technology:


Ageing population
Ageing populations and chronic illness are driving regulatory reform. Public sector healthcare is seeking better access and quality, and it’s looking to the private sector for innovation and efficiency. mHealth improves access and quality, and offers dramatic innovation and cost reduction.


Foundations already in place
The foundations of industrialisation of healthcare are already in place — electronic medical records, remote monitoring and communications. ‘Care anywhere’ is already emerging. The platform for mHealth is set.


Healthcare, like other industries, is getting personal. mHealth can offer personal toolkits for predictive, participatory and preventative care.

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