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Value-based pricing « not in patient interest » – PMLiVE

The UK government’s plans to introduce a new system of drug pricing that takes into account the wider value of a new medicine is neither in the patient interest nor national interest, according to a leading healthcare think-tank.

2020health said it approached the subject from the patient’s perspective and concluded that the current PPRS system for drug reimbursement has kept UK medicine prices below the average in advanced countries and also supported R&D.

However, if the government goes ahead with a planned 2014 switch to value-based pricing (VBP) – which would take into account wider societal benefit, extended cost savings and the medical value of a drug to different patients – it could harm both access to drugs in the UK and the country’s research environment…


Its other recommended changes to the current pricing system include lowering the price of older drugs so that companies are given the leeway to sell new medicines at a higher price, while bonuses should be offered to companies marketing drugs for less common conditions.


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