Web marketing et e-publicité : Les publicités sociales sont-elles plus efficaces ?
It’s not the size of a person’s network that matters; it’s what they do with it (Wired UK)

UK doctors don’t have time for reps but are making time for digital #hcsmeufr #hcsmeu #hcsm

Time-pressured GPs in the UK are refusing to see pharmaceutical sales reps and turning to online channels to conduct product research, according to a new study.


Doctors.net.uk surveyed more than 1,000 GPs in April this year and found 52 per cent of GPs did not see any pharmaceutical sales representatives in a typical week, while 26 per cent only saw one pharma sales rep during that period.


Nearly a quarter (23 per cent) of the GPs surveyed said they preferred to find their own product information via “independent online resources”.

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