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Top Ten Internet-Smart Doctors in the WORLD!

Welcome to the 1st Annual « Top Ten Internet-Smart Doctors in the World ».
Now, why, you may ask, do we presume to say « World »?

Because the internet, as Mr. Gates says, has made the world a global village.

On the internet, one can find out many wonderful things, and, for this page, you have access to things that are happening in faraway lands, as if they were next door.

Doctors are increasingly using the internet, to communicate, to educate, and to use sometimes as medical devices. And now docs are tackling social media, which a few to the Top Ten do. The Top Ten come from all over, from Australia to the Bay area.  There is one from the Netherlands, one from Hungary, one from India, and one from Australia.  The other six are Yanks.  And they are all MDs.

Characteristics that the top ten share are traits of enthusiasm for their craft, intelligence, diligence, intimate knowledge of how the net can be leveraged to benefit healthcare,  and love of teaching.

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