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The SEO Path to Becoming a Great Funnel Owner | SEOmoz

Excerpted from article:

« If SEO consultants want to own more of the funnel, their title will need to change to support a more expansive role that includes multiple channels, rather than changing what the term « SEO » itself means.

The author of article is going to focus on two key areas of SEO:

1) Beyond keywords;
2) Content that works;


1. Beyond keywords

What good SEOs already do:

– Model search behavior across the funnel

Good SEO’s are already skilled in the art of modeling user search behavior across a search buying cycle. They look to identify what language prospects are using relevant to their business.


Good SEO’s will:

1. Use PPC data…

2. Measure head vs long tail…

3. Track top of funnel keywords…

4. Create keyword funnels…

5. Create content maps…


I want more of that funnel

What great funnel owners do:

– Model the whole customer

Persona modeling is nothing new, and smart marketers have been using them to help with brand marketing, website design, and UI for years.

Well constructed personas help develop many different tactics, including:

– Content that resonates
– Community that engages
– Display/retargeting ads that get clicked
– Emails that get opened.



2. Content that works

What good SEOs already do:

– Audit sites to make the engines (and user’s) happier

Good SEOs are a technical bunch and know how to ensure your site is ready to take on the search engines and win. Better yet, since good on-site optimizations follow good UI principles, the people visiting your site will be just as happy.


Good SEO’s will:

1. Make accessibility and indexability a must for your site…

2. Check all key areas of your site in order to…

3. Conduct a competitor analysis…


I want more of that funnel

What great funnel owners do:

– Audit content to build a strategy to amaze prospects

There are three key tasks to complete to help you create the right content strategy for your business:

1. Determine your « sweet spot »…

2. Conduct a TOFU content audit…

3. Conduct a MOFU content audit…



A well-planned content strategy helps open up many new doors for funnel owners, including:

– Thought leadership in your market
– Free visits, links, and shares
– Reduced bounce rate
– Increased engagement metrics
– Improved CRO results
– More money!


Each point is analyzed with more information and examples. Read full interesting article here:


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