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The Multi-Channel Marketing Mandate: Be Where Your Customers Are! | B2B Marketing Insider

Nice study. Results are quite obvious, but clearly we’re all a far way away in Pharma multi-channel:

The five key findings:

* Marketers are familiar with multichannel marketing as an area of focus for improved marketing ROI with 40% of those surveyed assessing themselves as mature practitioners of multi-channel marketing.
* It’s not a matter of will, but of skill. Skill gap was identified as the main obstacle to more efficient, integrated marketing.
* Those marketers who identified themselves as mature have demonstrated significant business gains in overall campaign performance and ROI.
* Mature multi-channel marketers were more likely to be early adopters of innovative technology, more likely to have a good relationship with their colleagues in IT and more likely to have a closer alignment with sales.
* Even the mature multi-channel maketers considered their marketing programs to lack true integration and believed that further optimization was possible.

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