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Smartphone images measure up to desktop views in neurology study

The Doctor’s Digital Path to Treatment: A Study by Google and Manhattan Research #hcsm #hcsmeu #hcsmeufr

Recently, Google and Manhattan Research collaborated on a study that took a fresh look at physicians’ digital adoption patterns across digital devices and media channels and the resulting impact. The study was conducted online in February and March of 2012 and included 506 U.S. practicing physicians.

From the study, the main findings were:

The Internet is integral to clinical practice Search is the doctor’s digital stethoscope Medicine is mobile Online video is an educational tool The Internet is Integral to Clinical Practice

The study uncovered that physicians prefer online resources. In fact, when making clinical decisions, physicians spend twice as much time using online resources than they do print resources. This includes search, professional websites, drug references, mobile apps and several other sources. The print resources most often included journals and reference materials.

The study also broke down the data into two age groups: physicians under the age of 45 and physicians who were 55 and older.



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