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An app that ‘gamifys’ medical education and one that provides cancer information to patients were among the mHealth winners in a UN-backed global competition to identify the best mobile applications and services.


The health and education category at the World Summit Award – Mobile also featured apps that assist type I diabetics with self-management, help people cope with stress and check for harmful chemicals in cosmetics.


The bi-annual awards are a global initiative within the framework of the United Nations World Summit on the Information Society, and this year 40 apps from 28 countries on five continents were selected as winners.

WSA-mobile chairman Peter Bruck said: “Our goal is to find and promote mobile content that really makes a difference for people around the globe. The awarded apps prove that there is a lot going on outside Europe and the USA.

“If we want to make use of mobile technology’s full potential, these trends must not be ignored.”

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