How To Find Key Influencers In a Specific Niche
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Social Producers Are The New Storytellers

 A new genre of social producers are taking aim at developing content strategies that are not only consumable, they’re shareable, actionable and act as catalysts or sparks for relevant conversations


Social media is only social when it’s shared and when it sparks conversations

In these times of transition and there is no one content strategy that reaches everyone equally

These are times of context and segmentation based on psychographics not demographics


« If social media is about creating and sharing experiences through conversations and content, start first with the experiences and conversations you wish to rouse.

As you think about your content strategy for social networks, do so from the perspective of a social producer. While the social effect is certainly a goal, the social effect is also the result of social design.

In the end, people are going to talk, so give them something to talk about! »


By Brian Solis.


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