Non-Invasive Measurement of Blood Glucose Levels Using GlucoTrack: Interview with CEO Avner Gal
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Social media as an agent for change in healthcare information

All I did to get on the top of the list is write my analysis of the data. I’m nobody in the sports cardiology world, a RWSD with an interest and an Internet connection.


I will use examples like these to persuade the medical students that social media has changed the landscape of influence. They can have a voice. They should have a voice.


One thing about medical peeps is that they usually carry a passion for their vocation–medical training does that for you. Writing that is candid and useful and born from a passion is always useful, and never more so in this new world of healthcare, where informed-shared decision-making will be king. Patients and medical colleagues alike benefit when passionate people write about which they know best.


These examples only scratch the surface of what’s out there in the vast world of social media and healthcare. I’ve said this before: it’s a great time to be a doctor. Surely this is also true: It’s a great time to be a doctor-writer-blawger.

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