PartnerMD column: ‘Mobile health’ a key part of modern medicine
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Scanadu raises $10.5M, joins Scripps Wired for Health trial

Scanadu, the Moffet’s Field, California-based personal health scanner company, has raised $10.5 million and announced its participation in the Scripps Wired for Health trial.

The round was led by Relay Ventures, with additional support from VegasTechFund, Ame Cloud Ventures, the Broe Group, Mindful Investors, and RedMile Group. VegasTechFund is led by Zappos alum Tony Hsie and Ame Cloud Ventures is led by Yahoo! cofounder Jerry Yang. Scanadu CEO Walter de Brouwer told MobiHealthNews Hsie brings consumer relations experience to Scanadu and Yang will be a “reference point for data policy”.

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