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Pharmaceutical marketing in the postmarketing age

Few publications that consider the pharmaceutical industry’s participation in digital environments neglect to mention ‘marketing’ in some capacity.


We genuflect to ‘marketing’ so freely, deploy it in our discourse with such profligate frequency, and elevate the study of its operations to such a degree that a casual observer could be led to imagine that the concept of ‘marketing’ was in some way intrinsic to every facet of a pharmaceutical company’s success.


‘No marketing, no pharmaceutical company,’ one might conclude, as if no prescription would ever be written, nor any course of treatment embarked upon without it.


However, the premise upon which this post is based is that the exact opposite is in fact true, and that the continued pursuit of ‘marketing’ by the pharmaceutical industry as it is currently practiced has the potential to irreparably damage the industry’s reputation, further undermine health consumer trust in its operations, impact upon its profitability, and undermine the viability of its future operations.


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