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Patients Prefer Physicians’ Recommendations of Health Apps

(…) « Mitchell Research and Communications, in a recent survey of baby boomers, found that doctors have quite a bit of influence with patients in terms of their recommendations for apps for chronic and life threatening diseases. Among 600 baby boomers questioned in the survey, the consensus was that “they are more willing to download a health and wellness app based on their doctor’s recommendation and were much less likely to download an app recommend by their family or friends,” according to a review of the survey by John Pugh, the director of digital communications at Boehringer Ingelheim’s Global Centre in Germany. (…)

« Among the specific findings based on the baby-boomer responses to the Mitchell survey:

* 5% would download an app recommended by their friends

* 18% would download an app recommended by their family

* 60% would download an app recommended by their doctor

“Patients with chronic or life threatening conditions were 70 percent more likely to download an app to track their medical issues, while only half of users would download an app looking for general information or weight loss help,” Pugh wrote.

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