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Patient Satisfaction: It Is Not Just About Marketing – Howard J. Luks, MD

Patient satisfaction in medicine and healthcare can be a signfiicant marketing driver for physicians offices, and hospitals.

But is that where it ends?

As a marketing technique?


The implications of a satisfied patient are far more wide reaching in medicine and healthcare.


Fantastic business marketers understand all too well that customer satisfaction or the customer “experience” is the key to driving sales. They focus on every aspect of the consumer experience from the moment they walk into a store, arena, or concession area.


What if physicians utilized patient satisfaction and the same principles these marketing leaders use to:

-Improve trust and confidence in their provider

-Humanize their presence

-Clear the windshield of doubt

-Improve the effectiveness of care delivery

-Improve the quality of care offered

-Improve patient compliance

-Reinforce healthy behavioral modifications

-Improve medical decision making

-Make the patient part of the care team… and feel that their values, goals, desires and expectations are being addressed or taken into account.


Patient satisfaction can be broken down simply into two main issues… expectations and perceptions. Patients enter your office with a perception of the care or interaction they desire. They then decide if you met those expectations. It’s hard to address their expectations.. it’s not hard to address their perception — and a little effort can go can have a profound impact!


Social media and healthcare can go a long way to improving your understanding of what patients expect… and what other physicians are offering.

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