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New Year Resolutions for the Head of Digital – Number 1: Get the Platform Right

Pharmaceutical companies are starting to look beyond recession and investing in innovation again.  Many are expanding their international customer excellence teams or even appointing a Global or Re…

Lionel Reichardt / le Pharmageek‘s insight:

Solid understanding of what really matters here. Can’t agree more with Kay’s resolutions.

The word « platform » however stikes an alien ring of IT in the hearts of most « business » focused folks. We have the feeling that it will turn into another 2 year project where reams of consultants will arrive to train the whole organisation on how to use a complex tool, taking us away from focusing on the business.

Truth is it doesn’t have to be like that (the old days of SAP and Siebel roll-outs should be over!). Yes, there are new learnings that must be integrated, but the world is moving forward, so stop sticking your heads in the sand and get on with it. Most learning on platforms should be either self explaining, or very easy « self-help » modules. If it isn’t ask why not!

The issue of investment raised in the article underlies a real issue in Pharma – we simply do not invest enough to achieve the goals set out. We’re setting ourselves up for failure! These investments are not only in the « platforms », but also the time & effort investment on getting the « processes » right. I’m looking forward to hear Kay’s insights on that too!

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