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New free iPad medical app shows future of surgical patient education

Wrist Repair comes from newcomers Meditech and offers a fascinating insight into the future of surgical patient education apps.


Patient education apps are a new developing subset of the medical app industry.


Improving patient education is essential to better patient outcomes and overall satisfaction.


Wrist Repair is fundamentally a very simple app. Its sole purpose is to show patients the steps required when undergoing Open Reduction and Internal Fixation (ORIF) of a distal radius fracture.


The main essence of the app is a 3D animation, with more. For starters, the animation is a complete 3D model so the patient can move the camera to whatever view they like throughout the procedure.


Furthermore, they can select one of three different views:

An impressive 3D reconstruction of the wrist (not 100% anatomically accurate but easily more than sufficient for a patient) in an operating room

A view purely of the bones

An x-ray view (which is very impressive)

The camera can be moved using simple, intuitive touch gestures and zoomed using pinch to zoom.


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