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Making the most of the social life of health #hcsm

We are getting seriously social about our health–especially those of us with chronic health problems–and it’s time we not just realize this, but make the most of it.

Last week Pew Internet released yet another fascinating study about how Americans use the Internet. According to their interviews, adults with chronic conditions are more likely to look up information about medical problems, treatments and drugs than adults who don’t have any conditions. They are also more likely to read online reviews about medical treatments (and providers)–and more likely to read or watch information about the health experience of other people. 

People with chronic conditions are also more likely to check in with their doctors about what they find on the Internet. When people with chronic conditions « self-diagnose » from Internet info, 60 percent check that diagnosis with a doctor, as opposed to 48 percent of healthy people who self-diagnose. Part of that reason may simply be that they see their doctor more often.

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