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The ADA wants to know how facebook users live with diabetes

Is It Time for a Health App Store?

In these cash strapped times, we’re all looking for money whenever we can find it. And few organizations have been hit harder than charities and Not for Profit organizations. So we try and make a point of highlighting “win-win” propositions that help out worth organizations while also helping consumers.


Case in point, we received information from the American Diabetes Association about their new Facebook App, a Diabetes Risk Test that helps raise awareness about the risk factors for Type 2 diabetes. The test is easy and free (heck you don’t even have to leave Facebook to take it). And best of all, the ADA receives $5 from a corporate sponsor for every test that’s taken. What worthy organization is helping the ADA with their funding, you ask? Why Boar’s Head delicatessen meats, of course.


Say what? With all the efforts being undertaken by Pharma companies when it comes to Diabetes education, Boar’s Head was the only partner the ADA could find? That seems pretty bizarre. especially when the next suggested step after taking the test is to participate in a program called “CheckUp America” which is partially sponsored by Janssen. You know the same Janssen that our pal John Mack was chastising for getting out of the Facebook business a couple of weeks ago. In fact, John’s blog has been full of initiatives by Roche, Sanofi and others to improve diabetes education using digital technology.

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