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Human bandwidth: five nodes of the doctor-patient relationship

Cielo Lutinio writes:


Farris Timimi (@FarrisTimimi) gets it, and this is why, when asked by a conference attendee whether Mayo staff could be on Facebook during work hours, he replied:


« I want our human bandwidth to be part of this conversation. Our advantage is our human bandwidth, not our online bandwidth. »


How, then, to maximize that bandwidth, according to Timimi?


1. If your organization doesn’t already have social media guidelines, develop them and make sure your staff receives training and orientation. Too few healthcare entities have social media policies, says Timimi, making it difficult for staff to adequately identify social media opportunities for their organizations.

2. Spend time lurking. Many physicians are leery of social media because they fear legal threats; maybe they’ll be sued by a patient who misconstrues a Twitter comment and takes the wrong medication. But, says Timimi to the risk-adverse, it’s the same risk cocktail that’s been served for the last 30 years.


For the pioneering doctor who braves the social media ether, it’s useful to first listen in on the communities you want to join. “Just like a good marriage, you’re judged more on how well you listen than on what you say,” said Timimi.


3. Always surmise that HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, applies. 


4. Define your goals. Remember that you represent yourself as well as your organization. It’s not just Team Hospital; it’s also Player Physician.


5. Mistakes will be made. “Social media doesn’t make people misbehave. It just makes your mistakes very public,” Timimi said.

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