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How the Internet has Changed in the Last 10 Years [Infographic]

This infographic visualizes the spectacular rise of the Internet in the last 10 years and how some companies have failed to adapt to the changes.

Here’s an interesting infographic that has been making the rounds across social media for the last two weeks. It visualizes the spectacular rise of the Internet in just 10 years. In 2002, the Internet boasted 569 million users, which translated to 9.1% of the world’s population. In 2012, that number has gone through the roof: There are now 2.27 billion users, or 33% of the world’s population.

Another formidable stat is the amount of time people spend online — in 2002, it was only 46 minutes a day (about the time it took to download four songs); in 2012, it’s four hours a day.


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