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Help For Diabetics Beyond The Doctor’s Office – Forbes

An online network helps folks with chronic illnesses manage healthcare conundrums and fight isolation.


« Diabetic Connect is the biggest draw to a group of 51 healthcare social networking sites owned by Alliance Health Networks. The other most popular sites by number of members cover arthritis, heart disease, sleep disorders, pulmonary disease, back pain, depression, GERD and bipolar disorder.

While many doctors warn patients against using the Internet to further research a new diagnosis, Alliance Health Network chief executive Stead Burwell predicts that ultimately more doctors will support a model where patients and caregivers share insights with each other. Especially when they see patients like Sheveland make progress.

Also, consumers will be drawn to the communities as they get put in high deductible health plans, face more out-of-pocket costs and want to compare notes on plans and expenses. “It will become an important tool for consumers as they face the increasing burden of managing healthcare going forward,” Burwell says. » (…)

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