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Health Alliance Looks to Leverage, Secure Patient Data

The health care IT sector is attracting major players as companies chasing lucrative government contracts form partnerships that combine big data technologies to improve public health while harnessing advances in genomic research and securing patient medical information.In the latest example, military contracting giant Lockheed Martin has formed a Healthcare Technology Alliance that would among other things leverage big data analytics while at the same time securing patient medical information. Lockheed Martin has been steadily shifting to new IT markets as military spending slows, refocusing on areas like digital health care for the Department of Veterans Affairs.Members of the Lockheed Martin alliance include network equipment maker Cisco Systems, big data storage company Cloudera and chipmaker Intel Corp. Other members are Montgomery College of suburban Maryland (where Lockheed Martin is based) and San Diego-based Illumina, which develops genomic sequencing tools.Cloudera, which is working with government agencies like the CIA to develop enterprise data hubs that incorporate analytics along with security into a single framework, stressed the growing use of Apache Hadoop by health care providers.