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Field the Force with i-pad : MM&M

According to Greg Barrett, VP of sales and marketing, Daiichi; before the iPad, reps were getting 30 seconds to a minute to present their CVA. Now doctors are engaged for three to five minutes. Why?

Besides the fact that iPads are attention getting and just plain cool, Barrett credits their interactivity and the fact that their gesture-driven surface allows reps to more effectively build the brand story. “Take your basic graph—it is static. On an iPad, you can slowly reveal different parts of it, to build the story around the data.” DSI’s internal sales force canvassing supports his contentions: reps report lengthier, more substantive conversations. Physicians’ DSI surveys concur: rather than being a passive listener, doctors can reach out and touch the iPad screen, interact with it, and become active participants in the conversation. Instead of being face-to-face, they are now shoulder-to-shoulder with reps. “They want to reach out and grab it, play with it. We are building applications that encourage them to do that,” says Barrett.



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