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Engaging patients could be the solution to rising global healthcare costs #PatientEngagement

Health ministers face a dizzying array of possibilities for improving the health of their nations. The most important experts however – ordinary people managing their own health – are typically left out of the equation.

Across the world healthcare costs are rising faster than countries’ ability to meet them. The answer to the crisis is not going to come from doing more of the same. Instead, harnessing the energy of patients and the public who care about improving their own health – a huge untapped resource – could become the blockbuster solution of the century.

With the growth of electronic communication, the internet and social media, patients are increasingly making their voice heard. In mental health, end of life care and antimicrobial resistance, sharing experience has proved a powerful tool for improving quality and reducing costs.

A fundamental shift in the way we provide care, in order to encourage increased involvement of patients and the public will be proposed in a report at The World Innovation Summit for Health (WISH) to be held in Qatar this week (10-11 December).

The summit, an initiative of Qatar Foundation and many partners, will bring together 800 leading figures in government, business and the health sector from around the world to address the global challenges that face all health systems.

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