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A Health-Tracking App That Suggests Changes Based on Your Routine | MIT Tech |

A group of researchers has created an app that may make it easier to actually make health and fitness changes and stick with them. It logs where and when its users are active and stationary, as well as what they’re eating. Called MyBehavior, the app also offers users a list of activity- and food-oriented suggestions each day, along with details about the calories they’d save or burn with them.Plenty of smartphone apps already track physical activity and calories—many of them, like ones from Fitbit and Jawbone, by working with a wristband or smartwatch—but it can be a struggle to make radical changes to your routine. Tanzeem Choudhury, an associate professor of information science at Cornell and one of the researchers behind MyBehavior, says the app tries to come up with achievable goals that blend in with a person’s habits rather than bombarding him with information. It can also adapt as the person’s routine changes over time, she says.