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Faut-il obliger les médecins à s’installer dans les régions désertées? – Le Parisien

A critical look at the use of social media in MedComms | Free Live Digitally Sick Podcast | January 17th Oxford

Join us for the first ever recording of a Digitally Sick conversation in front of a live audience!

We are delighted to welcome the team that is Digitally Sick to lead a thought-provoking discussion about the challenges faced by MedComms and Pharma when trying to embrace and effectively use social media opportunities to engage with each other, the healthcare professionals, patients and other stakeholders.

Digitally Sick is described as a podcast-driven thought leadership blog co-founded by Faisal Ahmed, Alex Butler and Andrew Spong. All three Founders are recognised as being international thought leaders within the healthcare digital and social media space.
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