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Can Digital Health Disturb the Healthcare Status Quo?

4 Reasons Your Medical Marketing Belongs on LinkedIn

You probably have heard all the good arguments about why your practice should employ inbound marketing – and, in particular, why you should take advantage of the public’s embrace of social media to learn about and communicate with their doctors, dentists and other healthcare professionals.


Facebook and Twitter can be a great resource for patients, but when it comes to medical marketing among peers and potential employees, your more feasible choice is LinkedIn.


As the world’s largest business network, LinkedIn has some 225 million members as of June 2013, and more than 8 million of them are healthcare professionals. Broad-based groups like LinkedIn’sNetworking for Healthcare Professionals covers topics ranging from professional meetings to the trend toward filing claims electronically. Beyond that, there is a LinkedIn group for nearly any specialty or discipline. Just a sample of groups that have appeared include the Student Doctor Network, the Registered Nurse Group and Bio/Pharm Professionals.


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