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4 innovative patient-relationship management products you should check out

Which ever way you slice it, physician-patient relationships drive patient health more than any other factor – technologies, health-care IT, public policy included.

The past and future of medical practice is accountability and focus on improving quality of two-way communications between the physician and her patients.

“A good scalpel makes a better surgeon. Good communication makes a better doctor.” – Dr. Josh Umbehr

The notion of patient-centricity has led a number of software companies (led by Microsoft it seems) to take a page out of the playbook of sales and operations – namely customer relationship management and rebrand it in the healthcare space as “patient-relationship” management.

The goals for PRM (patient relationship management), are not unlike the goals for CRM (customer relationship management):

Make it easier for a doctor to communicate with patients and better educate them, achieve increased compliance with the therapeutic plan and sustain better outcomes.
Make it easire for a salesperson to communicate with customers and better educate them, achieve better retention and higher sales.

Make it easier for patients to communicate with physicians with needs and personal experiences in order to make physician decision making easier and arrive faster at a correct diagnosis and treatment plan.
Make it easier for customers to communicate with the product support teams and provide them with their personal experiences with company’s products in order to improve product quality. » (…)

CE: Scary, but necessary stuff. The rest of the article is a comparison of 4 PRM providers. Would it work in developing countries?

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