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Health Care Apps Offer Patients an Active Role

4.9M members use Kaiser’s online health management platform

Around 4.9 million members in health system Kaiser Permanente’s 9.6 million member network are using Kaiser’s online health management platform, called My Health Manager, according to Kaiser’s 2014 annual report, which came out today.In 2014, through Kaiser’s online and mobile health services, 37.4 million lab test results were viewed online, 20 million secure emails were sent, 4.1 million online appointment requests were made, and 17.5 million online prescriptions were refilled.Kaiser also released app download data from one of the company’s apps, also called Kaiser Permanente, which reached 1.3 million all-time downloads in 2014, up from 455,512 downloads in the company’s 2013 report. Through the app, members can email physicians, schedule or cancel appointments, get refills for a prescription, and access lab results. The app also helps users find nearby KP medical facili

Source: mobihealthnews.com