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2020health – Personal Health Budgets – A Revolution in Personalisation

The personal health budget (PHB) is the most revolutionary expression of personalisation ever introduced to the NHS. It embodies and epitomises the Government’s vision of a patient-centred NHS, summed up by the often quoted edict ‘no decision about me, without me’. Yet it is impossible to ignore professional concern and disquiet around the implementation of PHBs. This report responds to some key fears and objections with learning and best practice emerging from the pilot programme.

This report was funded by an unrestricted educational grant from Denplan. We are indebted to Denplan who enabled this research to be undertaken, and to all our sponsors. As well as driving our on-going work of involving frontline professionals and the public in policy ideas and development, sponsorship enables us to communicate with and involve officials and policymakers in the work that we do. Involvement in the work of 2020health is never conditional on being a sponsor.


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