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20 Reasons You Need a First Class Internet Plan for 2014 #hcsm

Why you need nothing less than a first-class Internet and Social Media Marketing Strategy:

– 80: percent of Internet users (59 percent of US adults) seek online health information [Pew]

– 48: percent search for information on behalf of someone else [Pew]

– 36: percent search for information for themselves [Pew]

– 55: percent of Internet users search for medical treatment or procedure information [Pew]

– 47: percent of Internet users look online for information about doctors or other health professionals[Pew]

– 38: percent of Internet users look online for information about hospitals or other medical facilities[Pew]

– 77: percent of patients used search prior to booking an appointment [Google]

– Ages 30-49: group most likely to search online for health topics [Pew]

– Ages 50-64: second most likely group to search for health information online  [Pew]

– 41: percent of people said social media would affect healthcare provider selection [Pew]

Why you need original (and authoritative) online content:

– 77: percent of Internet users read blogs [HubSpot]

– 60: percent of people who feel more positive about a company or health system after reading custom content [ContentPlus]

– 70: percent of customers who prefer getting to know company from articles rather than ads [ContentPlus]

Why you need a marketing-smart mobile strategy:

– 34: average number of times per day people check their Smartphone [Personal and Ubiquitous Computing]

– 64: percent of decision-makers access email via mobile devices [TopRankBlog]

– 40: average number of daily text messages among Smartphone users [Pew]

– 30: percent of patients using tablets or mobile devices for research and/or appointments [Google]

Why you need digital video in your marketing mix:

– 1 billion: YouTube unique user visits per month [YouTube]

Ages 18-34: US adults reaches more adults in this group than any cable network [YouTube]

– 87: percent of US Internet audience—188 million US Internet users—watched 37.7 billion online videos in August 2012 [comScore]

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